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Logging In

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For those of you who want to log into the forum but have forgotten how and were too afraid to ask:

At the top of the page, there is a login link:

If you don’t recall your password, I can’t tell you what it is because it is hidden. However, I can reset it to whatever you want.

It is better to have the system send you a new password where you can change again yourself in your account . The “I forgot my password” feature allows either your email address or username. Create a password that would be difficult to guess. I often use an online password generator to create a strong password and save it to a file in my computer. I can then copy & paste it to the password field whenever necessary.

When you log back in again, I recommend that you click on YES when your browser asks if you want it to remember your password. That way, it fills in your username and password for you when you visit the site. Click on “Remember Me”, when you log in. I use these features all the time for my HOME computer.

Changing your password is done in your User Control Panel (click on your username once you log in). You can create a signature for your posts here too.
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